This is a list of texts on One Health (and related topics) that I have found especially helpful and interesting.  There are two sections listed below:

Section 1 covers texts specifically about One Health, conservation medicine, biodiversity & health, or transdisciplinary clinical practice.

Section 2 includes texts related to One Health but reflect my specific interests (as a human infectious disease clinician working in the upper Midwest of the United States).

What resources would you recommend?  Please let me know of any books you’ve found useful that I should add to my list.  Or, do you know of any texts currently in press?  Please give me a heads-up.



Conservation Medicine

Aguirre, AA, RS Ostfeld, GM Tabor, C House, and MC Pearl, eds. 2002. Conservation medicine: Ecological health in practice. Oxford Univ Press; NY, NY. 407 pp.

New Directions in Conservation Medicine

Aguirre, AA, RS Ostfeld, and P Daszak, eds. 2012. New directions in conservation medicine: Applied cases of ecological health. Oxford Univ Press; NY, NY. 639 pp.

Ecosystem Change & Public Health

Aron, JL and JA Patz, eds. 2001. Ecosystem change and public health: A global perspective. John Hopkins Univ Press; Baltimore, MD. 480 pp.

One Health People Animals Environment

Atlas, RM and S Maloy. 2014. One health: People animals and the environment. ASM Press; Washington, DC. 330 pp.

Disease Emergence & Resurgence


Friend, M.  2006.  Disease Emergence and Resurgence: The Wildlife-Human Connection.  Circular 1285.  US Geological Survey; Reston, VA.  400 pp.

Biodiversity & Human Health

Grifo, F and J Rosenthal, eds. 1997. Biodiversity and human health. Island Press; Washington, DC. 379 pp.

Human-Animal Medicine

Rabinowitz, PM and LA Conti. 2010. Human-animal medicine: Clinical approaches to zoonoses, toxicants, and other shared health risks. Saunders Elsevier; Maryland Heights, MO. 412 pp.

Biodiversity Change & Human Health

Sala, OE, LA Meyerson, and C Parmesan, eds. 2009. Biodiversity change and human health: From ecosystem services to spread of disease. Island Press; Washington, DC. 303 pp.

Veterinary Medicine & human health

Schwabe, CW. 1984. Veterinary medicine and human health, 3rd edition. Williams & Wilkins; Baltimore, MD. 680 pp.

One Health Theory & Practice

Zinsstag, J, E Schelling, D Waltner-Toews, M Whittaker, and M Tanner, eds. 2015. One health: The theory and practice of integrated health approaches. CAB International; NY, NY. 447 pp.



Akuffo, H, E Linder, I Ljungstrom, and M Wahlgren, eds. 2003. Parasites of the colder climates. Taylor and Francis; London, UK. 359 pp.

Burroughs, T, S Knobler, and J Lederberg, eds. 2002. The emergence of zoonotic diseases: Understanding the impact on animal and human health, workshop summary. National Academy Press; Washington, DC. 157 pp.

Davidson, WR. 2006. Field manual of wildlife diseases in the Southeastern United States, 3rd edition. Univ of Georgia; Athens, GA. 448 pp.

Goddard, J. 2003. Physician’s guide to arthropods of medical importance, 4th edition. CRC Press; Boca Raton, FL. 444 pp.

Gray, JS, O Kahl, RS Lane, and G Stanek, eds. 2002. Lyme borreliosis: Biology, epidemiology, and control. CAB International; NY, NY 347 pp.

Krauss, H, A Weber, M Appel, et al. 2003. Zoonoses: Infectious diseases transmissible from animals to humans. ASM Press; Washington, DC. 456 pp.

Lederberg, J, RE Shope, SC Oaks Jr, eds. 1992. Emerging infections: Microbial threats to health in the United States. National Academy Press; Washington, DC. 294 pp.

Lessenger, JE, ed. 2006. Agricultural medicine: A practical guide. Springer; NY, NY. 541 pp.

Ostfeld, RS. 2011. Lyme disease: The ecology of a complex system. Oxford Univ Press; NY, NY. 216 pp.

Service, MW. 2000. Medical entomology for students, 2nd edition. Cambridge Univ Press; Cambridge, UK. 283 pp.

Shakespeare, M. 2009. Zoonoses, 2nd edition. Pharmaceutical Press; London, UK. 305 pp.

Sidell, FR, ET Takafuji, and DR Franz, eds. 1997. Medical aspects of chemical and biological warfare. (Textbook of Military Medicine. Part 1, Warfare, Weaponry, and the Casualty, V. 3.). Office of the Surgeon General, TMM Publications; Washington, DC. 721 pp.

White, DJ and DL Morse. 2001. West Nile virus: Detection, surveillance, and control. National Academy Press; Washington, DC. 374 pp.


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